Being the “Warby Parker” or the “Uber” of something nowadays seems like part of our common vocabulary, but these three Warby-esque players are anything but wannabes.

#1 Andy Wolf

eyewear web design best eyewear andy wolf


Who are they? Well, they put it very simply. 50 people. 90 working steps. 1 frame. Made in Austria. This succinct transparency boils over into their design.

Why it’s awesome:

It’s like we saw parallax scroll for the first time again!  When we saw the photography on the homepage we were sold a second time. Check out the slight zoom that gives the image movement. Clean. Simple. Beautifully unisex.

What’s it built on? Wordpress.
best eyewear web design andy wolf
best eyewear web design masahiromaruyama
Who are they?

A mouthful, for one, but Masahiromaruyama is the first and last name of the designer behind this magic. They paint a picture of a true Japanese perfection. An old-standing factory in the heart of Sabae City where their artisans coined and crafted their own style called “Ding,” which apparently is impossible to imitate because of the intricate detail in functionality and balance of the frame. We don’t don’t doubt it.

Why the web design crush?

Talk about keeping UX/UI design fresh. Instead of a traditional homepage slider, click the infinity button and the model’s head splits into a video triage, making it appear as if her head is spinning in three different direction. Now suddenly she’s wearing new specs. Nicely done.  That’s worthy of a standing ovation worthy in our book. They keep the photography for bleed and clean, not cluttering it with massive amounts of text. Instead, the descriptions of each collection are neatly tucked into a left sidebar and appear with a click of a button.

Even more surprising, these guys didn’t use a standard CMS. Check out what’s it’s built with here.

best eyewear websites frames japanese
cutler and gross eyewear web design best eyewear websites
Who are they? 

Born in 1969 in the UK, these guys are far from comparable to any Warby-esque “startup” model. They’ve certainly earned some street cred. Quintessential British style crafted and designed in Cadore, Italy. Cutler and Gross also are huge sponsors and contributors to the Judd Foundation, which after our recent trip to Marfa, makes us love them even more. Not to mention they designed quite a few of Sir Elton John’s famous frames.

Why we love it:

Being an established brand that’s been around for over 40 years, we’re especially proud of them for incorporating of-the-moment features like a hero loop video and big, bold photography incorporated into a carousel.

What’s it built on? Wordpress.

best eyewear websites frames sunglasses cutler and gross

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