Dear America,

Today we awoke in a parallel universe where the first woman President hasn’t actually become President. Where a candidate that does not share our values of female empowerment, will be President. What does this mean for Worn and the people who share our mission? It means our work just became 10x more important overnight.

We firmly believe that more women leading and building companies lifts up the economy and that leads to a better world for everyone. Women still hold up half the sky. That has not and will never change.

Let’s not forget that women hold tremendous economic potential and we will continue to work to turn that potential into power for the benefit of everyone, regardless of politics. We will continue to work with women. With men. Organizations that build and grow businesses, launch impactful campaigns, design bold creative work that lift women up.

If you’re a woman who runs a business, is launching a business, or already leads in business and wants to lift other women up in the process, let us help you.

If you’re a man who believes that women deserve equal opportunities to succeed in business, and wants to put the talents of women to work on your business, we want to work with you.

If you’re an organization that is dedicated to furthering gender equality in some form, get in touch with us. Let us use our talent and passion to help reach our collective goals.

We’re all in this together.

Forever yours in the hustle,


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