Worn helped Allswell stand out in a crowded direct to consumer mattress market.

Worn branded and launched Allswell, a one-stop-shop for all things bed related so consumers can choose their mattress, purchase bedding essentials, and add decor all in one place.

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Creating a stand out brand in a crowded direct to consumer mattress market.

Bringing Ideas to Life

Allswell came to us with an idea to sell a mattress but needed a creative positioning unlike the rest in this saturated market. Worn named, created the branding & messaging, photo directed, designed and developed the website.

Customized Checkout

Allswells’ checkout flow was uniquely designed to reflect their product and sales model. We built two custom user flows that would allow you to start with a mattress or bedding and have the same, tailored experience. We built this on Shopify Plus.

The team of brilliant women behind Allswell had a vision for a mattress company that would create a better buying experience that worked for women. When we got together our teams realized that a mattress in and of itself is one piece of the puzzle, but as women we aspire to have a beautiful, well-designed home, and not just a comfortable mattress. Time is a valued commodity, and we wanted to make this process easier. With two luxe mattress options, “The Softer One” and “The Firmer One” and four “bedscapes” you can build an entire bed top to bottom in one order—and actually be happy with the results.

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Mattress Buying, Elevated

It was clear that this would never be ‘just’ a mattress brand. There’s nothing about shopping for a mattress that is fun- even with the new startup revolution. The bed in it’s final, beautiful state full dressed with Euro shams and a duvet is what we think about when we think of “our bed” so why not have the option to get everything you need from mattress to insert pillows in the same place?

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