Andie Swim

We created a nationwide swim campaign that portrays women feeling comfortable enough to do the uncomfortable.

Suit Yourself” is the concept behind Andie’s launch campaign, which embodies the idea that women have the power and permission to do as they please. Women shouldn’t to have to miss a moment just because they don’t feel comfortable in their swimsuit. With our “Suit Yourself” campaign, Andie reclaimed the swimsuit fantasy that has been going on for decades by helping women feel confident in their swimsuits.

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Andie suits are for every woman, for any occasion.

We decided to fight against decades of swimsuit advertising that revolved around sexiness and comparison. There’s more to it then just selling swimsuits, so we needed to retell the story with a real perspective. We wanted women to look at our campaign and feel empowered to do cool things in their suit while feeling comfortable in their bodies, whether that’s slam dunking, pulling a sea plane on their own, or pogo-sticking underwater. Because wearing a swimsuit should be one thing: fun. Whatever you do, we just want you to Suit Yourself. 

Suit Yourself.

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