FertileGirl founder Alli approached Worn once again to help design the brand’s next iteration. Meet Robyn.

Branded by Worn in 2017, FertileGirl found fast success, offering a superfood nutrition bars specifically designed for women trying to conceive. Beyond their nutritional offering, FertileGirl soon fostered a community of women willing to share their journeys to parenthood and the resources that helped them along the way.



Brand Evolution


Brand Book


And so, Robyn was born – a technology platform that acts as a facilitator between maternal wellness resources and families.

Worn’s approach to this brand refresh was simple – to create a more elevated, grown up version of what already existed. We designed a new serif logo, featuring customized ‘b’ and ‘y’ mirrored letterforms. These letterforms represent the reciprocal, symbiotic relationship that Robyn cultivates and supports; the relationship between maternal wellness resources and families.

Beyond this, Worn evolved the existing brand patterns, simplifying them and moving them into a more abstract space. We also created versatile, smaller illustrations and icons to add to the brand’s asset library, ensuring the brand guidelines were robust enough to support the company’s continual expansion.

Worn guided FertileGirl throughout the transition into Robyn, from naming and branding to production of internal and client facing assets.

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