Worn created a direct to consumer brand of incontinence products.

The founders of Willow hired Worn to help them build a thoughtful DTC e-commerce brand for women who struggle with incontinence. We saw this as an exciting opportunity to create a product, a brand and a message for women who are vastly underserved. It’s no shock to anyone that our culture has a complicated relationship with “aging” and until now disposable underwear has been associated with shame for most women, so we are setting out to help anyone who is suffering with incontinence, take back their confidence.

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity


Web Design

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Strength in a name

Inspired by the willow tree, strong, powerful, firm, a metaphor for wisdom. We wanted to align the brand with the message of the willow tree; adjust with life, rather than fighting it, surrendering to the process.

Putting the Customer First

Approximately 25 million people in the U.S.alone struggle with incontinence, and despite being an $8 billion market Willow was the first direct-to-consumer option. Incontinence, a very personal issue for most, absolutely deserves a company that prioritized the customer, incorporating a subscription based model and discreet packaging.  

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