“You’re a human. I’m a human. It’s about being human.”

The cultural shift that has taken place in 2018 through the #metoo movement has been astounding and a long time coming. Victims of sexual harassment are speaking out and the culture of abuse of women, is no longer tolerated. Women are speaking out and we support them. However, women should not be the only ones to bare the responsibility for changing our society and repairing the damage that has been done to so many women.

It must include educating the next generation. This year we worked with our friends and clients Promundo to launch The Future of Manhood campaign to celebrate Promundo’s 20 year anniversary. They are educating the next generation of men and boys, to create lasting societal change and help us achieve an equal society for all. They’re committed to working together toward more healthy, respectful masculinity. Worn is aligned with Promundo in the belief that by supporting, including, and educating boys and men we can further empower women by cultivating a cultural that respects, supports, believes, and values women everywhere. (edited)

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