We’re excited to announce that we’ve added to the Worn family! April Qi joined the Worn family last Monday as our new Designer. April Qi is a Chinese-Canadian living in Brooklyn, NY. She studied at The New School and has dabbled in many industries, from hospitality to fashion to tech. Here’s a quick Q&A between Nicole Corbett, CEO of Worn and April to help you get to know her and see why we couldn’t be happier to have her on our team.

N: What was the #1 thing that made you want to work at Worn?

A: Worn’s mission statement. I talk to so many designers who love to design but feel as though they’re not making an impact, so finding Worn and learning that their mission aligns with my own felt like finding a golden ticket. It felt like a chance at accomplishing two things I’m passionate about, design and helping women. Also taking a look at Worn’s website and Instagram you can see how close the team is and how positive the culture is, and that has always been important to me. 

N: Describe your first week at Worn. Was it what you expected?

A: My first week at Worn was a blur – it was during a particularly busy week and I was given trust and responsibility from the get go and personally I love learning that way. I was part of every meeting, every brainstorm, and immediately felt like I belonged. That was also partly due to the team’s warmth the second I walked through the door.

N: What is one of your favorite design projects you have worked on?

A: One of my favorite design projects was a passion project of mine that I named Power to the Postcard. It was after the election and I wanted to still participate in the conversation and dedicate some time to making a difference on things that I felt were important. I created postcard templates targeting specific issues that were being threatened. I shared the idea with my colleagues and we teamed up, reached out to some contacts to find a location and a liquor sponsor, and hosted a postcard writing party to our senators and representatives. We counted almost 300 postcards on a Monday night.

N: Why are you passionate about empowering women?

A:  I have been surrounded by strong women raising and guiding me every day, and I think it’s important to do so for others and give back however I can – whether it’s giving design advice, giving an inspiring pep talk or just being there to listen. Things are certainly not equal now, and we still have a lot of work to do. Which is why I’m passionate about passing a better world to the next generation.

N: Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

A: It would be just me and J.K. Rowling, eating Shake Shack and talking about Harry Potter.

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