We’re excited to announce that we’ve welcomed a new leading lady to the team! Jamie Jordan joined the Worn family last Monday as our new Senior Designer. Jamie is Filipino-American, living in Brooklyn, NY. She studied at Parsons School of Design and spent the next five years working with great creatives to hone her amazing design skills. Here’s a quick Q&A between Nicole Corbett, CEO of Worn and Jamie to help you get to know her and see why we couldn’t be happier to have her on our team.

N: What was the #1 thing that made you want to work at Worn?

J: Confidence & collaboration. Those are two things, but they go hand-in-hand, so I hope they count as one! Before I had even spoken to you and the rest of the Worn team, I researched and studied the projects you had done and was completely enamored. I’ve never worked for a mission-based agency and right away I knew it was for me. The Worn team is not only smart, confident and talented, but most of all, caring! They are true collaborators and motivators; qualities that are incredibly rare to find in any workplace.

N: Describe your first week at Worn. Was it what you expected?

J: I would describe my first week at Worn as the feeling you get from watching the scene in Trolls when Princess Poppy was inviting everyone to her party. Energetic, positive, motivated and most of all: HAPPY! The dynamic at the office is unlike any place I’ve worked at and I feel so lucky! My first project is working on redesigning the Worn website and re-visiting the brand’s color palette. Through this, I’m learning more about Worn and the team.

N: What is one of your favorite design projects you have worked on?

J: My favorite design project would be a branding and packaging design for Jean Prounis, a jewelry designer. Jean designs and hand makes all of her jewelry! She is a small business owner and has great vision for her brand. Because her jewelry is so tactile and personal, she wanted her branding and packaging to feel the same. We went to a printing press in Brooklyn to look through a collection of Linotype typefaces and type set her logo. Just the smell of the ink gave me shivers!

N: Why are you passionate about empowering women?

J:  When you research great designers online, only a handful of women make the list and minority women are close to none. It’s incredibly unfortunate because I have worked with the most talented female creatives that deserve as much recognition and applause as who are regularly recognized on these “best of” lists. Growing up it was difficult finding relatable heroes and mentors. I’d love for the future generation to see a wider range of figures to look up to. Most importantly, to feel that they could achieve their goals!

N: Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

J: I love this question because I am an absolute eater (easily confused by the term foodie), love to cook and prep for parties (I wish I had a backyard/bigger apt to entertain)! I would invite my mom who’s an incredible cook and sister who’s a chef. They would definitely offer to cook for the party!  Irma Boom is Dutch book designer and my ultimate idol. Also, Massimo Vignelli who designs everything from furniture to signage. A few years ago, I saw them both speak at a book design panel and they were a riot! They both have amazing quirky personalities and incredible insight on the design industry. My dream has always been to meet Michelle Obama and Princess Diana! I think I wouldn’t be able to speak if I was in front of them. sAlso, I would love to converse with some great entertainers: Tracee Ellis Ross, Queen Bey, Denzel Washington (my celebrity crush), Daenerys Targaryen (I’m not opposed to riding a dragon!) and 2 Dope Queens: Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams.Saving the best for last: My Worn family!

Want to work with Worn? Get in touch with Jamie at jamie@worn.nyc

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