We’re so excited to keep adding to the Worn family! This week we’re highlighting our new addition, Line Jørgensen, Senior Project Manager. Line came to us just this year with a background in strategic marketing where she’s worked with a variety of brands within the lifestyle space, both in-house and agency side! Here’s a little Q & A we did with her so you can see why we’re so excited to welcome her to the team: 

W: Describe your first week at Worn. What were some of the highlights?

L: On my first day the team surprised me with a heart-confetti and candy decorated desk – such a nice welcome! The pre-onboarding had been excellent, so I was able to get straight to work on my first day – my first exercise was a naming session for a sustainable clothing brand. The team was so creative and fun to work with! But my best memory from this year, has to have been the company retreat to Montauk – The team spent a weekend together with coaching, stargazing, dream-chasing, goal-setting, fun activities and great food!


W: Where are you from? What’s some of your background?

L: So I am actually born in London, UK, which sounds super cool. But really, I am raised in the cold and rainy countryside of Denmark, in a city with 3000 people – I am the eldest sibling in a family of 7! 


W: What was the #1 thing that made you want to work at Worn?

L: I was already working in the advertising space, but having this odd empty feeling – I wanted to create work that had a greater purpose. So many of the brands I had worked with had massive followings, budgets and platforms, but were really not using them to serve a greater good. I wanted to do more than just sell products, so the mission at Worn was what initially reeled me in. After joining, I very quickly learned so many great things about working at Worn! Our ambitious goals, strong business focus, multi-talented team, and our super inspiring clients!


W: What’s your go-to for self care?

L: Being outdoors! More than ever after moving to the city, being surrounded by nature and quietness is therapeutic and humbling for me.

W: Why are you passionate about empowering women?

L: Because there are so many countries, industries, workplaces, cultures, communities and even families, that have not let women achieve their full potential, often because of outdated traditions & expectations. We are long passed this point, and there are really no excuses for gender-biases anymore – The future is female!

W: Who would you invite to your dream dinner party?

L: FUN! Okay, okay. Toastmaster: James Corden (Tv-Host)  – To get the mood just right and create an intimate space, we would do a Jazzercise class, lead by Carolyn Rush (VP and Superwoman at Worn).

Food would then be served by Massimo Bottura (Chef) followed by a speak by Michelle Obama.

For entertainment, I would want Justin Willman (Magician) and we would top the night off with a performance by either Beyonce or Bruno Mars. To fill out the dancefloor : ALL THE WORN CLIENTS!


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