Years ago, I met Elise Whang, co-founder of LePrix in Washington, DC. At the time her company, SnobSwap, focused on selling high end designer clothing and accessories online. But also enabled customers to swap goods with each other. Her and her sister Emily had turned their addiction to designer thrifting into a full blown tech company. Elise launched SnobSwap in between having her two kids and she’s always been incredibly determined. Having persevered through all the challenges that entrepreneurship has thrown at her, we admire her deeply.

When Elise got in touch and said it was time for a total rebrand, we were thrilled to work with her. We turned our focus to bringing inventory from high end consignment shops around the world to a single marketplace online.

The Relaunch

From the beginning, we aimed to relaunch the company with a brand that felt luxurious and trustworthy. Similarly retaining the approachable and fun nature of SnobSwaps initial charm was a major point for us. It was important to keep the sense of excitement that comes with thrifting that perfect pre-owned Chanel bag and getting it at a discount. Personal and elegant. 

Using data from the top shopped brands, Elise and Emily’s deep knowledge of their brand, as well as targeted audience research, we took SnobSwap through our naming process ultimately settling on LePrix. In French, “le prix” means “the prize” so the name refers to the hunt for the designer item you’re looking for and the prize when you find it.

Brand Identity

From there we designed the LePrix brand identity including a new logo, color palette, and photography guidelines. To ensure that all the inventory on the site was displayed uniformly we built rigorous guidelines.

Worn wrote new core messaging to reintroduce LePrix to the world as a new brand. Keeping the founders story correct and concise was incredibly important to us. 

Finally, we redesigned the LePrix website homepage, product pages and navigation to launch the new brand to the world. Ensuring a seamless shopping experience that is inspiring and easy to navigate.

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