For those of you who missed it F*it DC this month, we’d like to share with you three videos from three incredibly fearless women. This F*it was the first that actually brought us to tears. Those tears came from incredible stories of triumph and overcoming hardship. Watch their stories below.

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Brandy Butler

Brandy Butler, President of ADC Management Solutions shared the story of having to say no to her aunt, the matriarch of her family, when she reached out for help and asked Brandy to do something she felt was extremely unethical and would have put her out of business. Ultimately, Brandy said no and paid a very high price for it. She was shunned by her family, uninvited to Christmas, and became an outcast in her own family. Still, had she not made that decision, she’d be out of business today. Watch her story in the video above.

Sonal Shah

Sonal Shah, Executive Director of the Beeck Center for Social Impact and Innovationand Senior Advisor to President Obama spoke about times when she chose “fearlessness.” She started by telling the story of moving to Sarajevo at 26 to open their Central Bank, when she knew nothing about opening a Central Bank. She was dropped off on the Serb side and told “we’ll pick you up in 2 weeks.” She also spoke about her decision not listen to other people’s advice and take a year off after her time in the White House to take care of her dying grandmother. Watch her video above to hear it in her own words.

Michelle Freeman

Michelle Freeman, President of four companies, including part owner of the Mavericks, Mystics and Caps and Chairman of two non-profit foundations spoke about making your mess your message. Michelle Freeman had a child alone at 23, was a drug addict, on food stamps and ultimately lost her husband to a tragic accident. Michelle rose to the occasion and took over her husband’s real estate business when he passed. Despite everyone (including other women) saying, “Why are you still here? Why don’t you just take the money and go take care of your babies?” She chose to stay and grow the business she loves. She is dominating multiple male-dominating industries- construction, real estate and sports and owning her story.

Far too many people are looking for the right person, instead of trying to BE the right person.
— Gloria Steinem

Women entrepreneurs F*it Worn

We want you all to ask yourselves the same question we asked everyone at F*it:

What is your dream for yourself that you’ve never voiced aloud because you’re not 100% confident in yourself that you can get there?
— Worn

We posed this question to our breakout groups and we overheard one woman sheepishly say “well… it’s silly but… I want to be a backup dancer for Beyoncé.” The woman next to her about fell over and said “That’s crazy because my best friend is a backup dancer for Beyoncé- I’ll put you two in touch.”

That’s what it’s all about! Let’s make dreams reality.

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