In March of 2018, Worn launched, an initiative led by Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen and the Mayor’s Office of New York City, to make New York City the best city in the world for women. Worn designed and built an online platform, to be the central resource for women in New York City to know their rights, sign up to learn new skills, and find the hundreds of city resources that exist for them – all in one place. Our ultimate goal with is to help women in New York City make more money and gain more power.

For Worn, this was truly the campaign of a lifetime. This campaign epitomizes what Worn strives to achieve as an agency. To use our creative powers to help women step into their power. Giving access all the things they need to succeed in business and in life. We could not have asked for a better partner in bringing this to life. We thank Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen and her team for making it possible for women of New York City to overcome boundaries. Above all, working with them to achieve their full potential. We feel so honored to be able to help them in doing so.

Want to learn more about what we created for Check out our Women.NYC: Creating a Power Move Campaign post.

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