It’s a Worn tradition to go to Montauk every year for our company retreat. This is a chance to refresh our creative brains, get re-inspired, and focus on the future we’re building for Worn. This year we tried a new approach and hired a facilitator, Dr. Anna Rowley, to guide us through our first full day of retreat.


Our focus was to isolate our core company values and how they come to life in our everyday actions and traditions. It was also to think big and dream up our BHAGS (aka. Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and hear from our team members what their dreams are for Worn, no matter their job titles or how long they’ve been with the company everyone’s opinion is equally heard. It turned out that our goals are even bigger than we thought! Global expansion, a non-profit arm of Worn, and electing a female President of the United States were among the most important to our team.

We broke the team up into two groups, each presenting their BHAG in a creative way. One group presented their goals for Worn in the form of a rap song! “From NYC to DNC, we got a woman to the Presidency!” 

Day two was about getting outdoors. We hiked along Navy Bay with Jack the labradoodle, jumped off a fishing pier, lounged by the pool, cooked a dumpling dinner made by the team from scratch, and finished it off with a bonfire on the beach. It’s incredible how two days of focused, non-interrupted time, healthy meals, and plenty of rest brings us so much closer together. Matching Worn sweatshirts and gym bags help too. Check out some of our favorite moments from the Worn retreat.

Jamie and April taught everyone to make dumplings from scratch.

We spent hours gazing at the sunset from our deck.

And most importantly, we planned photoshoots wearing matching outfits.

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