Worn worked with Andie Swim to create the campaign that’s covering New York and Chicago at the moment, #SuitYourself. We are fighting against decades of swimsuit advertising that have been anchored on comparison. This campaign is a response to that. Our primary focus was not on making women look as sexy as possible to sell swimsuits. We want their daydream to be about all of the cool things they can do in the suit, and as a result, start to feel more and more comfortable and proud of their own bodies.

One of our hero images, showcasing how we all have our own way of doing things, and as a brand Andie is embracing that.

Q: Can you explain the concept behind Suit Yourself?

“Suit Yourself,” the concept behind our launch campaign, embodies an idea that we believe that women already have the power and permission to do as they please and feel comfortable doing the uncomfortable. You shouldn’t have to miss a moment because you’re worried about your suit failing you. Andie creates all of their products with the goal of helping all women feel their best in their suit, and we don’t think it should be a tradeoff between feeling sexy and still being comfortable.

Q: How is this truly “disrupting” a category for women?

Well, we’ll take you back to where we started. Arm and arm with the Andie team, we began this project by doing research on the category as a whole. We found that largely there were two camps: 1.) Sexy and 2.) Speedo. The reality is, there’s a huge gap between supermodel and Olympic swimmer, and Andie embodies just that, women who don’t want to be put in a box.

The “Suit Yourself” Subway domination in New York City at Lexington & 59th Street

Combating how the world has defined “sexy.”

During the research phase, we created a collage of swim advertising (pictured below) to prove that it’s not just Victoria’s Secret that is “selling sexy,” but we feel most brands, even today in 2019, are using the same cookie-cutter approach because it sells. You know the look. Oily, chiseled, uncomfortable beach shot. We asked ourselves, what is that really doing for women? It indeed sells swimsuits, but what kind of story are we telling and is there a way we can still sell swimsuits without doing that? It perpetuates comparison and the idea that we always have to look a certain way in our swimsuits. 

We are nudging the world to think about a woman’s confidence in a more creative way. Looking beautiful is not the only aspiration one has on their path to purchasing a swimsuit. The Suit Yourself campaign was born from that mentality. We are hero-ing women doing whatever they please in their Andie swimsuit; maybe it’s pulling a huge seaplane that they just landed, maybe it’s doing a slam dunk, maybe it’s just unplugging and having some alone time. Whatsoever you choose, we just want you to Suit Yourself.

A collage used in research to prove that even in 2019, there is one “fantasy” that swim brands are selling to women. This collage includes images from not only Victoria’s Secret, but also the newcomers Solid & Striped and Monday Swimwear.

Q: What are you hoping to see happen to or within the brand as a result of the campaign?

We hope to hear more stories of women who feel like their Andie suit really solved a problem for them. We’re not just here to just sell swimsuits. As a result of buying an Andie, we want people to feel free to DO more in their suit.

Q: How did you embody the spirit of the campaign on set? 

We chose our predominantly female production crew and photographer with intention, making sure they not only “got” the idea behind “Suit Yourself”, but lived it in their own lives. Our photographer, Jenna St. Martin, made her name in sports photography with Adidas, Nike and Under Armour campaigns. Not only was she incredibly conscious of showing fabric & fit, but she knew how to combine that with motion and movement in a way that really brought energy to the set.


We encourage other agencies, brands and production companies to work to create film crews that are equal or majority female. If you are doing it on your own and don’t know where to start, we suggest finding a great female director on Free The Bid.






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