April 2018 was an entire month of celebrations. Not only did we celebrate Nicole and April’s birthdays, but, drum roll… we celebrated Worn’s 5 Year Anniversary!!! On this fateful day, March 28, 2013 – 5 years ago, Nicole placed a sticky note on her computer with the name ‘Worn Creative’ and that kicked off a five year adventure that has become our beloved company.


With only 20% of businesses making it to five years and only 2% of women-owned businesses reaching the $1MM revenue mark, we had a lot to celebrate. Over the past 5 years Worn has:


  • Grown into a team of 12 incredible women (after starting with just Nicole in her apartment)
  • Worked with 5 Fortune 500 companies and 100+ startups and organizations
  • Surpassed the $1M revenue mark in 2017
  • Renovated an office in Williamsburg exclusively for Worn that will be finished in Fall ‘18

To celebrate, we did it the best way we knew how –  impromptu dress-up, Vogue style 73-questions video shoot, manicures and massages for the team and a private chef meal prepared our neighbors, The Culinistas. And, last but not least, a team favorite, matcha crepe cake from Lady M.

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